About | ENVIIEnvii


A Danish fashion brand based on being young & playful

The Envii fashion story began in 2009, bringing the sporty and girly style that young Scandinavian girls were seeking. Envii’s ambition is to create everyday favorite feminine items with a sporty edge. We always explore the current fashion trends and seek to deliver value-for-money to a wide range of customers. The focus on fast delivery and affordable prices is an essential part of the Envii brand. The first Envii flagship store opened in 2013 located in Odense.
Since then, Envii has expanded and now have 9 stores spread over 7 cities in Denmark and 1 in Stockholm. Additionally, Envii own 5 shop-in-shops in malls around Europe. Envii’s head office, placed in the heart of Copenhagen, is run by a strong team, where each team member is representing a part of the Envii DNA. With this creative and powerful team, we create styles with a democratic approach, which ensures that everyone can find their favorite style in every collection. In total we are +200 creative people living and breathing for Envii.


The Envii girl is the best friend that you’ve always wanted.

You can always count on her, whether you need a partner in crime at the wild parties or a trusting friend. She is ready to give you a cheerful hug, keep your secrets or share a big laugh. Her look is stylish without trying. With her own unique look, she dares to style herself in the latest fashion trends, being a first-mover and never a slave to fashion. She is in her mid-20’s, fun and with her social personality, she is always up for an adventure; whether it is a big city getaway, a music festival or simply catching up over a coffee in the park. She is a social-media influencer and never further away than an Instagram-post.


Envii items represent the contrast between ‘girly’ and ‘boyish’.

Our collections are feminine with a sporty edge, mixed with contrasts of colors and details. Also, prints are a part of our signature style, as we add playful looks to our casual styling. With our fast deliveries, we are able to incorporate the latest fashion trends to our collections, in our own creative Envii way. We create and deliver 10 collections every year. In addition, we also create 'express drops’ and basic styles, which are added as flow collections.
Furthermore, we do unique campaigns and special co-labs, adding even more to the Envii brand. Our design method is to divide the collections into 3 categories; ‘must-have’, ‘need-to-have’, and ‘nice-to-have’. The ‘must-haves’ are the simple, easy to use styles, that you can wear again and again. The ‘need-to-haves’ are the commercial key items of the season and the ‘nice-to-haves’ are the statement pieces of the collection. There is always a style ready, for the everyday Envii girl - we got you covered.