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Envii x GirlTalk is a new collaboration between NGO GirlTalk and GirlTalk ambassador, Emilie Lilja. GirlTalk x Emilie Lilja strives to create a community for young girls aged 12-24 which is a vision Envii strongly believe in. The common goal is to make all girls feel valuable and have a community where girls feel safe o communicate with each other. Consequently, we have designed a charity collection aiming to an increased knowledge of the GirlTalk podcast as well as the organization. The profit will go to the GirlTalk organization and future episodes of the podcast by Emilie Lilja.

Emilie Lilja comments on the collaboration: "My dream is to create focus on GirlTalk is now a reality, thanks to Envii. Both parties share the same vision that young girls today must always have one to talk to. My role as ambassador for GirlTalk has been deeply under the skin of me over the past year and has become my heartbeat - and that a brand like Envii shows support and helps create the sense of community we strive for GirlTalk must stay is simply far more than I could have wished for the organization"

What is the money for?

The profit goes to GirlTalk organization. Here, the money is spent on salary of nine employees in the secretariat, which coordinates about 200 volunteers. In addition, the money goes to maintenance of website, rent, quality assurance, training of volunteers and equipment.

What does the podcast sponsorship go to:

The money goes to high quality podcasts, which means renting studio, sound engineer and post production, as well as coordinating guests.

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