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What is Klarna?


Klarna is an invoice payment solution where you pay for your goods after delivery. This way, you can buy now, but pay later. Once your order has been completed and confirmed at the check-out, you will receive an email from Klarna containing details about the payment, which you will pay at a later given time. If you change you mind about your order, simply send it back. This way, the money never leaves your account. Once you have received your order, you generally have 14 days to settle the invoice. If you have not received your order within 14 days, you can extend the payment deadline by 10 days through Klarna, so that you do not pay until you have received your order.

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How is Klarna smart?

Try it first, pay it later.

         • You will receive your order before you pay

         • You will not incur any additional costs if you pay within 14 days

         • You can buy without providing or handing over your bank details

         • You have 14 days’ right of cancellation in accordance with applicable consumer law

         • You will not have to submit a credit application

By choosing Klarna as your method of payment, you will never have to enter your card details. Furthermore, Klarna requires only the most necessary of customer information, which you already know by heart: your name, address and date of birth. And if there are any problems with your order, or if it does not arrive, Klarna guarantees that you will get your money back.

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