SHIFT OF DAY Collection

The January collection 20.01 is called “SHIFT OF DAY”. This collection is a wonderland of contrasts and shifts taken from different references. The big shift is obvious for the month of January – it’s a new year, it’s a new month and the cold, dark winter is turning into longer, brighter days – which is the main inspiration behind this first spring drop by ENVII in 2020. The colour scale is inspired by a nightfall colour scheme and the shift from day to night and vice versa. It draws parallels to the northern lights but is also reminiscent of warmer, more southern tones. Orange and purple hyper brights breathe life into more toned down shades like black, brown and beige.

Among the styles you’ll find contrasts in white stitching on black backgrounds, in cold and crispy fabrics together with warm knits. Classic ENVII contrasts in the form of boyish vs girlish styles are well represented, and the clash between sporty and cosy elements with more feminine items also emphasises the underlying contrasting theme. The collection contains huge contrasts in the use of tie dye, which has officially taken over the role as the must-have print of the season. Tie-dye prints are mostly associated with festivals and summer, which makes them perfect for using in January with this mix-of-references collection. Using tie-dye patterns on crisp cotton poplin gives them a wintry feel, along with a mix of beige, black and orange-red tones. The result is both warm and crispy cold at the same time.

Fresh Newness

Furnishing florals are also presented in the collection, with the trend being used in tapestry-woven jacquard for key items in the collection: winter skirts and trousers. A stunning statement jacket also uses the furnishing floral fabric, but is mixed here with a utility outdoor look, injecting a fresh, offbeat approach into a commercial outerwear silhouette. A vintage-inspired floral print on a dark brown background is a cool update of girls’ dresses – creating a striking effect when paired with sporty sweats or cosy bright knits. All the wide-ranging references of the collection are toned down with styles in beige or black tonal structured checks. Checks have been one of the most successful pattern trends in recent seasons, and the January collection showcases the trend in a crisp, new way. The styles are feminine and cool at the same time. The ENVII collection “SHIFT OF DAY” offers the fresh newness you need in your January wardrobe, combined with the cosy comfort you desire on the greyest and dullest of winter days.


Sneak Peak

We love when it's new season time! Therefore we provide you a exclusive sneak peak of the new collection which will launch online and in stores 15 January. Take a look into our new collection below.