About envii

About envii

envii’s fashion journey began in 2009, as appeal for the Sporty / Girly look that Scandinavia was missing. envii’s aim is to create everyday favourite designs with a touch of sweetness and mixed with unique boyfriend styling. envii always explores the current fashion trends in an innovative way, mixing strong and modern statements pieces. To do so, envii focuses on fast deliveries to react to the fashion market trends, reaching the best affordable prices and convinces for you.

The first envii store opened in 2013 located in Pilestræde, Copenhagen. Today envii is proud to have 11 stores spread over 7 cities in Denmark and 1 in Amsterdam. We have 5 locations in several different shops/ centres. envii’s head office, placed in central Copenhagen, it is driven by 12 individual females, each representing a unique part of the envii’s DNA. With this creative and powerful division, it represents a great diversity for each of envii collections. In total, we are +100 creative people, who live and breath for envii. 


The envii girl 

envii is a fashion brand for young women who wants to own the coolest wardrobe with a unique personal expression and loves fashion at affordable prices.

The envii character is the best friend, that you’ve always wanted. She is super cool, a strong female and a likeable persona. You can always count on her, whether you need a partner in crime at the wild parties or a trusting friend, ready to give you a cheerful hug, keep your secrets or share a big laughter.

She looks simplified, without even trying. With her own unique look, she dares to style herself in the latest fashion trends, being a first-mover and never a slave to the fashion. She is in her mid-20’s, a social and confident butterfly, who loves to party and always active on social, so when you need her, she is never more than a insta-post away. She is a social-media influencer. When you want to have fun and wild times, you know she is always up for an adventure; whether it is a big city getaway, a music festival or simply catching up over a latte, in the park. 


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